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Kiwi the Caddy

Golf Course Ratings, Rankings & Reviews

Rating, ranking & reviewing golf courses is near on IMPOSSIBLE. Everyone's experience is different, and we're all guilty of enjoying courses more when the company is good, the weather is right and we play well. 

The purpose of me rating these golf courses is to give you an idea of what to expect and where you might like to play. It will never please everybody or be perfectly correct, however I hope you'll find a way to take something from it!

When I rate golf courses I have 5 key elements in my mind:

1. Layout

- Is the course laid out in a way that is playable and fair, providing options to a range of different abilities?

- Are the holes interesting and captivating individually?

- Does the layout promote a strong risk-reward balance?

- Are there opportunities for fun, interesting shots?

2. Conditioning

- Is the course well conditioned tee to green?

- Were greens well paced & true?

3. Aesthetics

- How visually appealing is the golf course? 

- How much do the views provided by the golf course add to the experience?

4. Memorability

- How memorable is each hole on a standalone basis?

- Are the holes distinguishable from each other?

5. Overall Experience

- Does the golf course promote an enjoyable experience overall?

- Is the experience elevated by the vibes & additional features of the club?

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