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Jack's Point

Scenes. Everywhere you look!

The Round Up

Location: Arrowtown, Otago


Green Fees: Peak (Jan-April): $225, Other: $155

Kiwi Caddy’s First Tee Advice: Stay up the right hand side to give yourself the best angle in!

The Takeaways: Possibly the most aesthetic golf course in NZ, Some incredible golf shots to be hit, Excellent bunkering, Strong variety in golf holes


Signature Holes:

  • The 6th is a short par 4 from an elevated tee with extensive views of Lake Wakatipu and mountains beyond. Driveable with heavy bunkering left.

  • The par 3 7th is an iconic drop shot par 3 playing to an infinity green to the lake. 

  • The 15th is a long, uphill par 4 requiring a tee shot which carries a 200m long wall. Angles are crucial!

There are few properties in the golfing world where the non-playing partner may well enjoy the day as much as the player- Jack’s Point may well lead the world in this regard. Sprawled out across an enormous property surrounded by the towering Remarkables mountain range with holes kissing the gorgeous shores of Lake Wakatipu, architect John Darby sure had a canvas to work with! This is Lord of the Rings golf, and in any walk of life this is a property that people would love to spend time on and is certainly a jewel in the crown of Kiwi golf which players make the journey for.

Jack’s Point offers an experience like no other and for all intents and purposes you could throw a bog standard pitch and putt in this setting and people would still make the trek. However, thankfully the course as plenty more to offer, complementing its surrounds with a world-class championship course. Occupying heavily undulating land, with some sever elevation changes, the design of the course takes a relatively minimalistic approach as to not take away from the natural aesthetic it encompasses. Rugged bunkers protect fairways and greens, whispy browntop skirts the fairways. Routing a golf course across this type of terrain can’t be easy, providing explanation for some of the tougher uphill slogs and longer walks from greens to tees which can be excused – where else would you rather be?!


The layout at Jack’s Point is decent without being ground-breaking. There is a decent variety in holes and plenty of questions are asked throughout the round, utilizing most clubs in the bag. Strategically, I wouldn’t say it’s world class, with an element of target golf in the mix, but the holes offer plenty of options. In many ways, Jack’s Point’s greatest defense and challenge lies in the deep elevation changes, and club selection for approaches is imperative, becoming increasingly difficult with the wind coming off the lake!


The course plays extremely firm and the tight fairways and greens can be quick, providing players with plenty of strategic options in their approach shots and options to play the ground game are aplenty! Sprawling green complexes offer enough intrigue without being mind-blowing, and the bunkering in places is downright excellent, both in looks and function. Blind shots are mixed in throughout, adding an element of guesswork and with clear instances of some strategic angling in the fairways, there is plenty to recommend.


Soulfully smooth with rugged tendencies, Jack’s Point is a golf course made up of moments. Moments which cannot be put into words where everything seems to move so slowly. Standing on the fifth green- the property’s summit, as skydivers drift down the mountainscape and planes soar above. Standing on the Seventh tee with a wedge in hand, the infinity green a mere 110 metres away seemingly creeping into Lake Wakatipu. The thrill of hitting the 15th tee shot over a 200 metre long stone wall. Standing on the tee of the downhill driveable 6th hole with the bottom of the lake a mere snaphook away.


These moments are unforgettable, and are what makes Jack’s Point so special. You can wax lyrical about architecture and strategic design all day, but Jack’s Point evokes emotion, raises your heart rate and makes you feel something, and surely at some point that may be worth more than a strategic angle! Architecturally solid, groundbreakingly magical.


Walking off the 18th green, there is no way you won’t feel good. Unforgettable scenes will flood your mind for days to come and scenic golf will take on a new meaning. Jack’s Point is immense in scale, mind-blowingly beautiful and stirs the golfing pulse with a range of thrilling moments. It's a place I'm yet to hear anyone besmudge, and one that I will keep going back to, chasing those iconic moments.

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Booking a Tee Time


Easiest way to book a tee time is to fill out the booking form and request one. During peak season it may be worth requesting a month or so in advance to secure a spot!

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