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Kiwi the Caddy



The Mission

Meet Kiwi the Caddy, all he wants to do is see every golf course in New Zealand and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to get him around all 400+.


However long it takes, we want Kiwi the Caddy to play every hole in New Zealand and experience the places that make New Zealand golf special.


The Rules

  1. Kiwi must be part of a round at the course (18 Holes)

  2. The best Photos & Videos of Kiwi at the course must be emailed to

  3. A short summary must be provided of the day including:

    1. Who Kiwi caddied for

    2. Where he went and what makes the course special

    3. One interesting thing he saw today

  4. Once completed, Kiwi must be given or sent on to the next person whose job it is to take Kiwi to a course he hasn’t seen before.

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